Dear Members, 

Welcome to the 2024 High School Football season Ladies and Gentleman.  We are excited to announce the addition of flag football to many of the schools in our association’s area.  This will add a bit of responsibility to all our plates as we strive to be the best we can be.  As always, we aim to be consistent and mechanically sound on and off the field.  As an association we aim to educate, mentor, and grow our members as officials and representatives of sportsmanship and fairness.

Seeking respect from the outside and from fellow officials is only achieved through one path, and that is showing respect in return.  Please respect the process, question what you don’t understand, and know the goal is always for everyone to become better officials.

There are many opportunities for everyone to shine, but it takes teamwork to truly make us a great association.  Let’s make it a point to respect each other, help each other, and participate in every opportunity to better ourselves.

Thank you for voting me in for another year to a position I truly enjoy and I am honored to represent all of you.


Thank you,
Joe Tufaro
President CVFOA